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"REGSERVO cleaned up my computer with a couple steps. The process was so easy and the results even better. Now my computer starts fast and without those annoying error messages. thanks."

Gina T.
Fort Dodge, IA

How it works?
Regservo tools will help you fix / open your file extensions in 3 easy ways: first will check for Invalid file associations in your registry. second is file association fixing tool to reset your file associations to default setting. last thing is to open your file, regservo offers a free database of file extensions and their linked software’s to help you open your file.

How to uninstall

Try the following steps to uninstall the application.

Method-1:Program Uninstaller.

1.Click the Start menu, select All Programs.

2.Find the program to uninstall.Highlight it.

3.You will see an uninstall option on the menu , select it and the uninstall process will begin.

    Method-2: Control Panel Add/Remove Programs

    For Windows 7 , Windows Vista

    1. Click the Start menu, open Control Panel.

    2. In the control panel , click Programs and Features.

    3.Find the program you want to remove and select it.

    4. Click Uninstall and this will initiate uninstall process.

    For Windows XP

    1.Click the Start menu, open Control Panel.

    2.Open the Add/Remove Programs icon.

    3.Select the program you wanted to remove and click Add/Remove, and this will initiate uninstall process.