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"REGSERVO cleaned up my computer with a couple steps. The process was so easy and the results even better. Now my computer starts fast and without those annoying error messages. thanks."

Gina T.
Fort Dodge, IA

How it works?
Regservo tools will help you fix / open your file extensions in 3 easy ways: first will check for Invalid file associations in your registry. second is file association fixing tool to reset your file associations to default setting. last thing is to open your file, regservo offers a free database of file extensions and their linked software’s to help you open your file.

File Extension/Type Errors May Mean a Corrupt Registry

October 10th, 2010 TechBob Posted in Fix File Extension Errors Comments Off

Every single file on your system will have a file extension attached to it. If you have a text file then it will end with .txt, a document file will end with .doc, and so on. These file extensions are needed so that Windows knows what programs to associate with a particular file. Over time, you may begin to experience file extension/type errors and when you do, this may be a leading indicator that your system’s registry is corrupt.

The Problems File Extension/Type Errors Cause

When your system’s registry is corrupt and file extension errors occur, the situation will always get worse, not better. What may start out as an inability to launch a certain insignificant application on your system may turn into something much bigger, such as not being able to launch vital documents and other files that you need to access on a daily basis. If left untreated, you may actually lose all of these files forever.

How to know if Your System’s Registry is Corrupt

It is simple to find out if your system’s registry is corrupt. To do this, you simply have to find a website that will scan your system’s registry for you and this will leave you knowing exactly what is wrong. It should be noted that this service should never be paid for as there are many quality companies that will scan your system’s registry free of charge. Many of these companies will even list for you exactly what is wrong and list for you the possible solutions available to you to fix the problems.

Possible Solutions

Depending on the severity of the file extension/type errors you are receiving and how corrupt your system’s registry may be will determine what possible solutions will exist for your particular circumstances. You may only need to run a file extension repair tool and have all your problems melt away. Then again, you may have to run a full system repair as file extension errors that have been left unattended too long have a tendency to generate other various system problems. In order to know how severe your problems are, you must first complete a scan of your computer’s registry.

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